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Backpacking in Barefoot Shoes

I could regurgitate all the benefits of barefoot shoes that you can find in hundreds of locations around the web but there’s little information about hiking and backpacking in barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoe wearers are a small group and therefore those that backpack in that group would be a very tiny group. I will include a couple of links to other like-minded individuals at the bottom of this article.

What are Barefoot Shoes

As I mentioned in my Cypher Glove review, I have been wearing barefoot shoes for just about two years and that includes when backpacking and Continue reading Backpacking in Barefoot Shoes

Merrell Cypher Glove Review

I moved to barefoot or minimalist shoes two years ago with a pair of Merrell ** Gloves.  Sorry, I can not remember the name but from the first days I wore them I began to move all my shoes to barefoot style. I wore out my Merrell Reach Gloves about two months ago and replaced them with the Cypher Gloves. These shoes have been worn for everyday Continue reading Merrell Cypher Glove Review