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2015 Grand River Canoe and Kayak Race

The forecast for Saturday morning continued to switch between rain and clear but not too cold. Mid April in northeast Ohio could be sunny and hot, cold and snowing, or anywhere in between. This is why we had waited until the last few hours of early registration prior to signing up for the 2015 Grand River Canoe and Kayak Race. Race day turned out to be absolutely perfect with sunny blue skies and temperatures that made shorts and a T-shirt comfortable on the water. The rain earlier in the week put the river flow around 3.5 feet Continue reading 2015 Grand River Canoe and Kayak Race

Sunday Afternoon Kayak

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon with the temperatures in the mid 60’s.  My daughter and I decided to take a quick kayaking trip on the Grand River in Painesville.  To stay close to home we were debating between Grand River Landing or Mentor Lagoons.  We chose Grand River Landing as it was closer and our time was limited.

We had three or four waves of storms Continue reading Sunday Afternoon Kayak