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Backpacking in Barefoot Shoes

I could regurgitate all the benefits of barefoot shoes that you can find in hundreds of locations around the web but there’s little information about hiking and backpacking in barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoe wearers are a small group and therefore those that backpack in that group would be a very tiny group. I will include a couple of links to other like-minded individuals at the bottom of this article.

What are Barefoot Shoes

As I mentioned in my Cypher Glove review, I have been wearing barefoot shoes for just about two years and that includes when backpacking and Continue reading Backpacking in Barefoot Shoes

Appalachian Trail Section Hike – Deep Gap, NC to Neels Gap, GA

Distance: 57.3 miles
Route: Appalachian Trail Southbound
Scenery: Average to exceptional at vistas
Water: Plentiful but a few spots were just a small trickle
Campsites: Numerous plus shelters every 8 to 10 miles
Navigation: Well defined tread, white blazes

At 6:50 AM as we arrived at Deep Gap NC.  It was still dark and according to the car’s thermometer the temperature was 28 degrees.  We donned our packs and headlamps heading south down the Appalachian trail towards Springer Mountain and Amicalola Falls State Park 90 some miles away.  This was my original destination that would allow me to complete the entire Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail in 8 days, unfortunately hikes do not always go as planned. Continue reading Appalachian Trail Section Hike – Deep Gap, NC to Neels Gap, GA

Backpacking Otter Creek Wilderness

Distance: Day 1: 6.4 miles,  Day 2: 6.8 miles
Route: Day 1: Forest Road, Big Springs Gap, Otter Creek, Day 2: Moore Run, Turkey Run
Scenery: Average to exceptional, depending on trail
Water: Everywhere on Otter Creek and at Moore Run crossing Day 2
Campsites: At all trail junctions
Navigation: Well defined tread, not blazed, cairns at most trail intersections and fords

This July 4th weekend my oldest daughter and I backpacked the Otter Creek Wilderness located in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia.  We chose a modest loop taking the Big Springs Gap trail to the Otter Creek Trail to the Moore Run trail and finally the Turkey Run Trail.  This loop clocks on my GPS at Continue reading Backpacking Otter Creek Wilderness