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Georgia’s Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge

Work often takes me to other areas around the country and when I travel I try to get out for a walk or hike.  Several weeks ago I found myself in Macon, Georgia and I had the opportunity to take a quick hike at the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge in Hillsboro, Georgia. My time was limited since my flight was later the same day so I choose the a quick 2 mile loop on Continue reading Georgia’s Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge

Day Hike at Girdled Road Reservation

Friday I took one of a few remaining vacation days that must be used by year-end. While the rest of the family was at school or work I decided to spend a couple of hours that morning hiking at Girdled Road Reservation.  A light coating of snow fell the night before which created a beautiful hike.

One of the things I like about Girdled Road Reservation is that you can easily get a 5 to 10 mile hike in with Continue reading Day Hike at Girdled Road Reservation

Backpacking Otter Creek Wilderness

Distance: Day 1: 6.4 miles,  Day 2: 6.8 miles
Route: Day 1: Forest Road, Big Springs Gap, Otter Creek, Day 2: Moore Run, Turkey Run
Scenery: Average to exceptional, depending on trail
Water: Everywhere on Otter Creek and at Moore Run crossing Day 2
Campsites: At all trail junctions
Navigation: Well defined tread, not blazed, cairns at most trail intersections and fords

This July 4th weekend my oldest daughter and I backpacked the Otter Creek Wilderness located in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia.  We chose a modest loop taking the Big Springs Gap trail to the Otter Creek Trail to the Moore Run trail and finally the Turkey Run Trail.  This loop clocks on my GPS at Continue reading Backpacking Otter Creek Wilderness

Nelson Ledges State Park

For some reason my daughters track coach likes to schedule meets that are a long distance away from home. About a month ago the meet was over an hour and forty five minutes away from and not wanting to waste that drive I had talked the family into stopping for a day hike at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park located in Nelson Township, Ohio.

This park sits on the dividing line between the great lakes and the Mississippi watersheds but what really makes this park interesting are the Continue reading Nelson Ledges State Park