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“Bike Aboard!” on the Towpath Trail

“Bike Aboard!” is a program offered by the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad where bikers riding the Towpath Trail through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park can catch the train one way for three dollars. Early in the summer Aryn and I had been trying for several weeks to make this trip and mid July we finally had a break in the weather and schedules that made it possible. We started later in the afternoon and the original plan was to bike 26 miles from Rockside Road to the Akron North train station where we would catch the last train of the day back to our car. My warning to her was the 26 mile ride immediately becomes a 52 mile ride if we miss that train. She did not seem to mind but I was not too excited about this prospect and our time was tight.

Arriving we found the Lock 39 parking lot on the south side of Rockside Road was packed but the lot on the Northwest corner of Continue reading “Bike Aboard!” on the Towpath Trail

2015 Goals

I’m a couple of days late for a New Years post but since I’m not one to make new years resolutions I think I’m fine. This post is all about trips that I would like to complete this year. Some are simply experiencing a new bike trail while others are more involved such as a week-long kayaking trip. This is a list of what I would like to do and if this year is like past years then the list will be longer than what I have the time or funds to complete, I’ll therefore try to keep it short.


  • Complete the Georgia section of the AT by hiking from Neal’s Gap to Amicalola Falls State Park.
  • Backpack the Allegheny Front Trail.
  • Do more short weekend trips including one winter trip.


  • Ride the bike path at Oil Creek State Park.
  • Bike all or a portion of the Western Reserve Greenway.


  • A friend and I are informally discussing a trip on the Muskingum River from the Tuscarora River to the Ohio River.
  • Complete the Grand River from the headwaters to Lake Erie.
  • If the Muskingum River trip falls through them something on the Allegheny River.


Overall I would like to get out more this year and I’m setting a goal of 52 hikes or activities of one hour or more per year, similar to the few I have posted here.  A three-day trip will count as one activity, not three.  I’ve never tracked or counted my activities in the past so I’m not sure if 52 is more or less than typical. I know that some portions of the year I get multiple in a week but others times no activities. I will track these somehow on the blog.

Speaking of the blog, my intent is to continue posting information and addition useful how-to posts. I enjoy it and I’m starting to see an increase in legitimate visitors but most page views are still spam.

– Jeff

The Allegheny Reservoir near Pollys Run.
The Allegheny Reservoir near Pollys Run.

Biking the North Chagrin Reservation

The blog is named Walk ~ Pedal ~ Paddle and by the looks of it I have not done much pedaling.  Truth be told, I’m out frequently but 99% of the time I’m either riding around the streets of Painesville or riding the Greenway Corridor from Painesville to Concord.  Part of the reason is the wife recently Continue reading Biking the North Chagrin Reservation