I have lots of interests but the ones that I am most passionate about are those that get me outdoors.  I have created this blog to assist other weekend warriors in selecting gear, gaining knowledge and to document my adventures.

I have been a backpacker since I was 11 years old with a break as I married and had kids.  In 2005 I took my 11 year old son on his first trip and my first in nearly a decade.  We have been enjoying our time outdoors ever since.

Over the years I have picked up kayaking and biking.  While my skill level and knowledge are not as deep as backpacking I hope my experiences as I learn and grow in these pursuits will be beneficial to other newcomers as well.

One goal I have for this blog is to get others outdoors to have fun in a safe and affordable way.  While the $2,000 bike or boat are nice, or a 2,100 mile thru hike on the Appalachian Trail may be the dream,  a person can get outdoors on a budget, have a good time and be safe.


Jeff at McClure Gap
I’m a little sweaty after hiking most of the day before arriving at McClure Gap vista.

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