An Evening Kayaking at Fairport Lakefront Park

It was Memorial Day around 6 PM and Scott and I were looking for somewhere to Kayak.  We were considering Grand River Landing, Mentor Lagoons and F airport Lakefront Park.  It was a bit windy earlier in the day so we were concerned that Lake Erie may be a bit rough so Continue reading An Evening Kayaking at Fairport Lakefront Park

Sunday Afternoon Kayak

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon with the temperatures in the mid 60’s.  My daughter and I decided to take a quick kayaking trip on the Grand River in Painesville.  To stay close to home we were debating between Grand River Landing or Mentor Lagoons.  We chose Grand River Landing as it was closer and our time was limited.

We had three or four waves of storms Continue reading Sunday Afternoon Kayak

Nelson Ledges State Park

For some reason my daughters track coach likes to schedule meets that are a long distance away from home. About a month ago the meet was over an hour and forty five minutes away from and not wanting to waste that drive I had talked the family into stopping for a day hike at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park located in Nelson Township, Ohio.

This park sits on the dividing line between the great lakes and the Mississippi watersheds but what really makes this park interesting are the Continue reading Nelson Ledges State Park